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Welcome to Gospel Philharmonic Experience

Gospel Music for all !


Gospel Philharmonic Experience brings a blend of classical and gospel music, conveying a message of peace, joy and hope to a wide audience. This one-of-a-kind, innovative and collaborative project unites professionals and amateurs (around 100 people recruited via an auditioning process, with priority given to people from deprived areas, from within various gospel choirs in the surrounding region) as they share the same stage for a unique 2-hour long show.

The journey began in 2017, as the Lyon Auditorium and the Lyon National Orchestra decided to collaborate with Pascal Horecka over a brand-new initiative. In April 2018, an amazing event was birthed, as the warmth of gospel music was blended with the richness of classical music. It was a first on such a scale and an unforgettable experience for the audience, the organizers and all the artists involved.

Upcoming Events

  • Masterclass Gospel 2023 - De la voix au Gospel (Drôme)
    17 Jul, 12:00 – 23 Jul, 12:00
    Allex, 26400 Allex, France
  • Masterclass Gospel 2022 - De la voix au Gospel (Lérins)
    24 Jul, 12:00 – 30 Jul, 12:00
    Cannes, Îles de Lérins, Cannes, France
  • Gospel symphonique à l'auditorium de Lyon
    29 Dec 2022, 20:00
    Lyon, Auditorium de Lyon, 69003 Lyon, France
    Gospel Philharmonic Experience, ce sont près de deux cents musiciens et chanteurs réunis sous la bannière du gospel. Un concert qui réchauffera les cœurs et ouvrira la nouvelle année sur un message de paix, de joie et d’espoir.

For Every Moutain

Auditorium of Lyon 2018


If you have any questions or comments concerning Gospel Philharmonic Experience, please contact us (do not forget to give us your phone number)

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