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The band

The journey began in 2017, as the Lyon Auditorium and the Lyon National Orchestra decided to collaborate with Pascal Horecka over a brand-new initiative. In April 2018, an amazing event was birthed, as the warmth of gospel music was blended with the richness of classical music. It was a first on such a scale and an unforgettable experience for the audience, the organizers and all the artists involved.

Ever since launching, the innovative factor has fascinated people and the concept has raised interest among French programmers. Working alongside Re:verse, Gospel Philharmonic Experience has a bright future ahead, through collaborations with auditoriums, philharmonic orchestras or well-renowned musical institutes in France and abroad.

The project can also be adapted for more intimate settings, such as churches, festivals or special events (Christmas concerts, weddings etc.). The team is made up of Gospel Philharmonic Experience’s official choir, constituted of twelve singers. They each have solo careers, working alongside international artists such as Céline Dion, Christophe Maé, Mariah Carey, etc. They are united by strong values such as love, generosity, conveyed with passion and excellence.


Special focus: Pascal Horecka

Pascal is an orchestra director, he composes and arranges music, as well as being a professor and an artistic director. He is a passionate artist, who seeks to serve music with respect and excellence. He is fascinated by the hidden treasures that music reveals for whosoever it touches.

Pascal Horeka comes from Angers. After enrolling for trumpet, musical analysis, chamber music, composing and writing classes, he grew up surrounded by music all the way to adulthood. After graduating, he carried on his musical education in Lyon. He studied harmony and counterpoint at the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Lyon, alongside orchestra direction in Paris and Lisbon under Jean-Sébastien Béreau. He also trained in musicology at Faculté Lumières Lyon 2. His time in Lyon coincided with a musical renewal: he soon specialized in African-american music, and gospel music in particular.

Alongside his work as a university professor (Faculté Lyon 2), Pascal focusses on conducting orchestras (Prague, Budapest, Lyon), creating orchestration (music and motion, television), arranging albums and directing musical projects. He is the artistic director of a professional gospel choir and he also travels with international artists on the largest French and European stages.


Gospel Philharmonic Experience is a versatile gospel choir. Don’t be surprised to see them in various settings, ranging from traditional gospel to urban gospel, or even symphonic gospel. In April last year, Gospel Philharmonic Experience introduced a program that blended the warmth of gospel and the richness of classical music!

Working with one of the most prestigious orchestras in France, the Lyon National Orchestra, both concerts at the Auditorium were hits with the audience and the press.

Gospel Philharmonic Experience offre une multitude de configurations possibles pour adapter la forme des concerts à chaque demande. En formation complète ou réduite, voici des exemples rencontrées les dernières années :

  • 1 à 5 choristes + piano

  • 10 choristes + piano, orgue hammond, percussions

  • 7 choristes + piano, orgue hammond, percussions, quatuor à cordes

  • 10 choristes + piano, guitare, basse, batterie, section de cuivres

Gospel Philharmonic Experience offers a number of set-ups, in order to adapt the concert for every need. Whether as a full band, or in a smaller group, here are a few examples from recent concerts:

  • 1-5 singers + piano

  • 10 singers + piano, Hammond organ, percussion

  • 7 singers + piano, Hammond organ, percussion, string quartet

  • 10 singers + piano, guitar, bass, drums, brass section

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